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  • Have access to more exclusive products? 
  • Be part of a group that is more like a family than a company, even if it is the largest buying and selling group in North America?
  • Have a network of fellow pool and spa professionals to talk to when you need help or information?
  • Specialized support in e-commerce, digital and traditional marketing?   
  • Have access to the largest annual buying and trade show for professional pool dealers in Canada?
  • Access to resources like COVID-19 support materials that make it easier and faster for you to communicate with your consumers? 
  • Increase your business value by being a member of a support network like ours?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, don’t wait to apply for membership in the Interna-tional Pool Group. 
You would like to open your own pool and hot tub store?

We also welcome new store owners. If you would like to invest in a pool and spa store, we are there to help you make it happen.

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